Classes Offered

We are proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs. We offer private and group classes. Our personal trainers are highly skilled and patient. We offer corporate memberships and group discounts.

Some of our featured classes include:

A challenging introduction to abs. Those experienced with working abs also benefit as this program highlights often overlooked aspects of developing abs based on physiological principles. This class is great, even if you think you can't do sit-ups! Normally 30 minute class unless combined with weighted movements.

Combine cardio and strength training for a complete balanced approach to getting into shape and staying fit. Bootcamp uses selected equipment to achieve outstanding results. Includes weights,  tires, balls,kettlebells, and bands.
This class might include plyometrics and games.

A latin inspired dance based cardio class. Once you learn the basic moves you will be able to pick up any of these simple dance routines and look like a pro. This class is for both low-impact and high-impact students. You are never doing it wrong as long as you are moving. So join the party!


Improve your flexibility, stamina, circulation, and coordination through Pilates. All levels are welcome. Pilates support whole-body functioning as well strength and endurance for your core.1 hour long.

Strengthen your lower body and improve cardio endurance using step. Especially helpful for toning legs and calves.

Pump or Sculpt classes
Resistance training with weighted equipment using high reps to create tight lean muscle.

A peaceful method to increase flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance. Certified yoga instructors guide you through important basic principles. It also offers stress relief and a sense of well-being. This class is for all ages levels 13 and up.

Is group fitness on a stationary bike. You control the tension on the bike to work at your own level ,while our instructors motivate you through a fun bike ride. Please call or sign-up the day before class to reserve a bike for class. There is a limit to the amount of people we can have in class.

A resistance class using weighted balls to sculpt and tone your muscle.

52 Card pick-up
A class using a deck of cards to determine how many of what exercise you do. You will have finished the whole deck by the end of class. Example:( 5 of spades= 5 squats) This class is a lot of fun and keeps you guessing what will come next so it is never boring.

A half ball used to increase balance and agility. It is great for core training and is also used in some of our sculpt/pump classes.

Slide class
Round discs used to improve balance and core. It is sometimes used in our sculpt/pump classes.

A routine that increases and decreases throughout the routine in order to burn more fat. This class is usually done on the cardio equipment.

Circuit Training
Stations are set up for each exercise and the instructor times you for 1 minute at each station. The stations will vary between cardio moves and weighted movement.

Stability Ball
These are used for core and balance. They are also used in sculpting/pump classes.

Elastic bands of various shapes and resistance are used to sculpt or tone your muscle. They are very similar to cable style training allowing you to get the positive and negative resistance.

Young at Heart class
This class is geared toward mature adults and beginners. The classes will vary and be noted on the regular schedule each month. This class will be Monday mornings at 8:30. There is no childcare available at the time this class is offered.

Special events and classes will be labeled with a "$". This means you must pay extra for these classes or events. Prices will either be listed on the calendar or you may call the front desk to ask for the prices. Example ( Tae Kwon Do classes, charity events,etc.)

Members Only Clinics
These are clinics done by our staff to help you with various equipment and knowledge of how to accomplish your goals. These are only free to members of our gym. They will last 30 minutes each and the subject will change monthly.

*All aerobic classes are one hour in length, unless otherwise noted

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